New South Wales Party Hire

At Snow Flow we have a large range of fun items that are great for the home, the workplace, functions, kids and adult parties. Our products are of the highest quality and are designed for maximum enjoyment. They are absolutely guaranteed to please!

We cater to all age groups and are situated in different Australian locations including Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Everything we sell is manufactured by us and it’s all offered at extremely competitive prices. Our machines are available for party hire, purchase or rent and we even have a try before you buy system to ensure customer satisfaction every single time.

At the moment in Sydney we have the following available for party hire, lease and purchase:

Slushy and Daiquiri Machines – These are the best things to have around, especially in the summer. They’re also great for people who entertain visitors often. Guests are always very pleasantly surprised when offered a slushy or daiquiri.

Chocolate Fountains – Most of our customers find it hard to believe that these actually exist, but they do, we promise, and they are the most amazing inventions you will ever see (or drink from).

Karaoke & Jukebox – A karaoke or jukebox machine is essential for creating atmosphere and/or to get a party going. You’ll be sharing your beautiful (or not so beautiful) musical talents and have everyone grooving to some awesome tunes in no time!

You can also buy soft serve powder mixtures, frozen yogurt and slushy syrups in Sydney.