Capture Your Special Day’s Beautiful Moments with Wedding Photo Booth Hire

There’s nothing more important than capturing the moments of your special day, and the people that were there to make them happen. Snow Flow’s wedding photo booth hire services help you celebrate your ceremony through your friends and family’s happy snaps—enjoy the antics, smiles and cherished seconds for years to come.

Designed around professional photographic standards, our wedding photo booths utilise state-of-the-art digital imaging technologies to give each image their flawless, high-resolution finish. Additionally, all of our booths are capable of printing images within 20 seconds, allowing your guests to take away their little moments as they step out.

Let your guests take on a photographic experience that you and your partner won’t forget. With a range of accessories and digital graphics—including borders, patterns and pictures—wedding photo booth hire gives your guests the chance to act out their emotions and the contagiously romantic vibe around them. This is a day to be remembered, and Snow Flow wants to help you and your party guests take away a little piece from it.

Each of Snow Flow’s wedding photo booths up for hire boast the capabilities of producing on-the-spot, passport-sized images with gentle lighting and premium image quality. We guarantee that this service will provide endless hours of fun on your big day and provide you and your guests with the chance to share your mutual joy—enjoy fancy and quirky costumes, or opt for a natural, portrait to create stunning moments.

For more information on our wedding photo booths for hire, please feel free to contact us.