A Huge Range of Syrup Flavours for your Brisbane Slushy Machine

Once you’ve purchased your high-powered slushy machine, you’ll want to start experimenting with all the new flavours and colours we have available – whether you have the one; two or three bowl model, there’s plenty of space for you to try everything. We have a range of fruity flavours and daiquiri mixers for you to enjoy depending on your mood. We also supply school canteens with healthy, 99% fruit slushy syrup. So, no matter who is drinking, and where in Brisbane they’re drinking it, we have something for you.

All syrups are available to buy in singles or in bulk, please contact your nearest distributor for the best price.

Fruity slushy syrup

Fun for everyone, our fruity mixtures are great for any tastebuds. With all of your old favourites – and some newcomers that are exclusive to us – your machine will constantly be turning.

Box of 6 x 2 Litre Bottles – $45.00 + GST

Premium 20% juice

This delicious slushy option provides a healthy, juicy option for your frozen drinks – with a range of premium flavours to choose from, these top-notch syrups are a little bit fancier than our standard selection. Treat yourself for your next slushy (made with your very own machine).

Daiquiris for the grown-ups

When you’re looking to spice up the slushy party, we have plenty of syrups available for you to stir some alcohol into – with a range of fruity flavours that includes many of your favourite traditional cocktails, you can liven up your night.

Daiquiri mixes are priced the same as the fruity mixtures above. 

Healthy 99% fruit syrup for school canteens

If you’re a canteen manager in Brisbane and surrounds planning a healthy selection for the students at your school, our nutrient-packed flavours are the perfect choice. Delicious so the kids will love them, and nutritious so their parents will too, our options include all the schoolyard favourites, perfect to cool off during a hot lunchtime or after a long school day.

Box of syrups 2 x 5 Litre Bottles – $90.00 NO GST
To buy in bulk, please contact your nearest distributor for the best price.