Rockhampton’s Favourite Popcorn Machine for Sale and Hire Now

Imagine being able to recreate your movie-going experience in the comfort of your own home – now you can, with your very own popcorn machine, letting you bring the buttery taste into your own living room or home cinema. Sit back and relax in front of your own silver screen while our custom-designed machines do all the candy bar work for you.

Either perched on its own old-fashioned stand, or on your kitchen countertop, your new snack maker will both pop your delicious treat and keep it warm for you throughout the night, so you can enjoy that taste for the whole film. What better way to enjoy the movie than with your favourite salty snack!

The popcorn machine that’s perfect for your next party

Who doesn’t love the taste of popcorn? Entertain your guests with your own snack maker – they’ll love the taste, and when your spread also includes a fairy floss cart or slushie maker, your party will be the talk of the town.

And we service businesses

We’re loved by Rockhampton party planning businesses and caterers because our high-volume machines are easy to use and clean. With a detachable crumb tray and collection plug, it’s never been easier to tidy up after a night of fun. Get to bed sooner and relax with our machines.

Contact us to find us how to buy a profitable machine for your business.

For sale or rent-to-own

Our popcorn machines are for sale or hire in Rockhampton now – and with so many choices for payment plans, there will always be something to help you get a permanent taste. We offer convenient pick-up and delivery services and, if you don’t want to pay outright, we’re able to work out a payment plan for you across twelve or twenty-four months.

With our special warranties, you can pop without stress

You’ll never have to worry about your machine breaking – if for some reason it does, our one-year parts and service warranty covers you. In no time at all our efficient service technicians will have you popping again, worry-free.