Fairy Floss Machine for Perfect Spun-Sugar on the Sunshine Coast

What fun a trip to the show is, and what makes it even better is all the food. Between popcorn, fizzy drinks and soft-serve ice-cream, you’ll want to eat forever! But what makes it even more special is that perfect, airy treat that is fairy floss – and with our machines on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll be able to bring the sugary, melt-in-your-mouth taste to your home or business, stress-free.

Our fairy floss machines are for sale and hire. No matter if your event is a school fete, a fun workplace fundraiser or a party at home, we have the machine for you. Our units come either attached to an old-fashioned vendor cart, or as a stand-alone benchtop model so you can make the perfect amount of cotton candy, all day long.

Simple to use, easy to clean – our machines are perfect

We manufacture our own machines and supply them straight to you. Since you are getting it directly from the manufacturer, you know you’re receiving quality. Any children’s party will love the machine. Best of all, at the end of all the fun, the parts can easily be detached from each other to aid cleaning.

We work hard to supply you with the best – from the heavy-duty motor that spins floss all day long, to the smooth, wipe-clean stainless steel bowl, all the parts of your industrial-strength fairy floss unit will work together for the perfect light carnival treat. You’ll be able to enjoy the cotton candy again and again, no problem.

We have you covered, whether you’re looking for sale or hire

Our flexible options mean anyone can enjoy the sugary treat. We have choices extending from a once-off hire for your school fete, to a permanent dessert unit in your home or business. Our rent-to-own program offers you the chance to pay off your floss machine over one or two years (avoiding a large down payment), and we have delivery options to your home in the Sunshine Coast.

Peace-of-mind warranty

Every unit comes with a one year warranty for parts and service, meaning you can spin to your heart’s content without a care. Should your maker break down in that time, not to worry – just return it to our service centre for manufacturing repair, and we’ll have it up and going in no time.