Create Delicious Drinks with our Slushie Machine for Sale in Sunshine Coast

A delicious icy treat needs a top-quality unit to make it in – and what better way to create a slushie surprise than in your very own slushie machine, available for sale and hire in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. There’s really no better way to cool down in the summer months, and you’ll have a constant stream of visitors outside your home or business, all ready to try the delicious treats you’ve whipped up.

Delicious slushie ingredients for sale

Great for both adults and kids, our huge variety of fruit and candy daiquiri mixes and syrups are sure to be a hit at your next party – or a profit driver for your business. Our 99% fruit mixes are a great alternative to the unhealthy mixtures that are on the market, and provide anyone with a snack for the kids at the school canteen.

Daiquiris and frozen alcoholic options

Just for the adults, we also have a range of alcohol flavours, perfect for creating your own daiquiris on a fun summer night. Our great flavours emulate all your cocktail favourites – from Cosmopolitans and Margaritas to Pina Coladas. All you have to do is pour a little alcohol into your machine, and watch as it spins everything to tasty perfection. Need to drive? They taste great without the alcohol too!

All of our machines are well manufactured – and come with a warranty

Our dedicated in-house team is committed to producing the best-engineered slushie machine for your home or business. We don’t source our units from anyone else, meaning you’re assured the best quality there is. And, with a one-year warranty on parts and service, you’re certain to receive the best service for many, many years to come.

Each machine is able to refrigerate and freeze water and milk-based mixtures, meaning every cocktail is covered. This dual-temperature function joins the sleek stainless steel design, which looks great on any benchtop (and will draw customers in instantly). They come in high-powered one; two and three bowl options to create a wide variety of flavours – and everyone will be able to see these bright and colourful flavours at any time in the strong polycarbonate bowl. Their great materials means they are easy to disassemble and clean swiftly, so you’re able to enjoy the slushie fun again in the Sunshine Coast, in next to no time at all.