2023 Model, Single Bowl Slushy Machine

RRP: $2,200.00

Introducing SFX, our new line of slushy machines with three versions to choose from. SFX is the perfect addition for any business looking to quickly serve refreshing slushy’s. Its sleek design and fast freezing times make it an ideal choice for petrol stations, restaurants, bars, cafes and more.

Innovative engineering sets SFX apart from other slushy machines. Unlike traditional models, SFX doesn’t require extra space on the sides and back for airflow. Instead, the machine takes air from the bottom and pushes it from the back towards the ceiling. This means you can enjoy a reliable and efficient slushy machine without sacrificing valuable space. Choose from three versions to find the perfect fit for your business.

Model: SFX-1
Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
Power: 503W
Current: 2.94A
Capacity: 12L
Refrigerant: R404a
Refrigerant Mass: 175g
Net Weight: 35kg
Gross Weight: 50kg
Dimension: 280 x 610 x 940 mm
Packing Dimensions: 345 x 610 x 1050 mm

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Key Features

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Independently controlled bowls that are easy to remove for cleaning
  • Removable handle that is easy to take off and clean
  • Requires minimum 10% sugar content
  • Operates quietly with noise level ≤60
  • Adjustable LED light colors for an attractive display
  • Hot gas defrost to avoid freezing block on the auger

What is the minimum amount of sugar needed for the slushy syrup?
A minimum of 10% sugar is required to safely operate this machine. This is important to ensure that the syrup has the right consistency and the machine runs smoothly.

Does the machine need room on the sides?
No, the machine doesn’t require any room on the sides. The high legs allow airflow to travel from beneath the machine through the back of the machine towards the ceiling. This ensures that the machine runs efficiently and prevents overheating.

Does the machine need power?
Yes, all our slushy machines need power. A standard PowerPoint will supply the machine with enough power. It is important to note that it is not recommended to have any other machines connected to the same power source. If you need to connect another machine/s to the same power source, please contact us to find out if there will be enough power.

How long does it take to freeze and be ready to serve?
With room temperature water and syrup, it will take roughly about 90 minutes. With chilled water and syrup it will take 40 minutes. It is important to note that this is an estimate and the actual freezing time may vary based on factors such as the room temperature, syrup type, and water temperature.

What is the mix ratio for the slushy syrup?
With Snow Flow’s standard range of syrup, the ratio is 4:1. Dilute 1 part slushy syrup to 4 parts water. This ensures that the slushy has the right consistency and taste.

How often do I need to clean the machine?
We recommend a detailed clean a minimum of once per week. This involves removing all the parts (lightbox, bowl, auger, seals, handles etc.), cleaning as required, lubricating where necessary, and assembling the machine. This ensures that the machine runs smoothly and that there is no build-up of dirt and debris.

Can I put the machine outside?
Our slushy machines can go outside only if it is undercover and if the weather is not extremely hot or humid. If there is no cover for the machine, the sun can melt the slushy and overheat the machine. Even with cover, the machine can still overheat if it is extremely hot or humid. No cover for the machine will also leave the machine exposed to rain which will result in damaging the machine.

Can I add alcohol into the machine?
Yes, you can add alcohol into the machine. We recommend 700ml to 1lt of alcohol per flavor. It is important to note that alcohol does not freeze, so putting more than 1L will result in the texture of the slushy turning liquidly. It will also make the alcohol taste too strong and may overflow the bowl resulting in a mess.

Full one-year back to base warranty


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