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Double Bowl Slushy Machine SF-XHC224

Double Bowl Slushy Machine SF-XHC224


Want to have more than one flavour of delicious slushies?

Then the Double Bowl Slushy Machine is for you. With double the capacity than the Single Bowl Slushy Machine, the Double Bowl gives your customers another flavour to try, which means a better profit margin. Ideal for small business owners such as a convenience store or a service station.


Model: SF-XHC224
Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
Current: 6.0 AMP
Capacity: 12 L x 2
Net Weight: 55 Kg
Dimension: 450 x 480 x 860 (mm)


Full one-year back to base warranty

Key Features

Low power consumption
Extremely easy to use
Continuous and short freezing time
Multiple flavours capacity
24 Litre Capacity
Average Freezing Time: 45 to 70 mins
Sleek design
Easy to clean
High quality compressor
LED light illumination, built into lids
Drip tray with float indicator warning when full
Dual temperatures function, frozen and refrigerated ideal for preserving milk based mixes overnight
Machine sells itself & will pay itself back in no time
#304 stainless steel chassis and ABS panels
Food Grade high density polycarbonate bowl
Bowl & tap easy assembly for quick cleaning and hygiene

Machine Lease

Single Bowl Double Bowl Triple Bowl
1 Month  $          375  $            500  $          650
2 Months  $          600  $            800  $      1,040
3 Months  $          844  $         1,125  $      1,463
4 Months  $       1,050  $         1,400  $      1,820
5 Months  $       1,219  $         1,625  $      2,113
6 Months  $       1,350  $         1,800  $      2,340

*All prices are including gst.

Rent To Own

Contact your local branch for more details


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