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Jukebox & Karaoke Machine

Jukebox & Karaoke Machine

RRP: $170.00

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Does the Jukebox/Karaoke machine need a table?
No, all our machines have their own stand with wheels and brakes. No table is needed.

Does the machine need power?
Yes, our Jukebox/Karaoke machine does need power. Majority of our machines need a minimum of two power points available.

Does the machine have a speaker?
Yes, a speaker is included inside the base. Both the speaker and screen are connected in one piece.

Is it touch screen?
Yes, the screen is touch screen. You can scroll through all our categories for easy use or just search for your favourite song or artist.

How many songs does this machine have?
All our units will have more than 15,000+ Jukebox & Karaoke songs.

Is the music updated regularly?
Although our Jukebox & Karaoke machines are updated regularly, we cannot guarantee to have every song at your request. If you request specific songs, you can contact your local branch and we will let you know if we have it.

Can I play my own music?
Depending on availability, we can provide you with an aux cable to connect your own device and play your own music. Contact your local branch to find out if it is available.

Can I put the machine outside?
Our Jukebox & Karaoke machines can go outside only if it is undercover and if the weather is not extremely hot or humid.

How many microphones does this machine have?
Each unit will have two microphones provided.

Your question is not here?
Contact your local branch and they will help you with any unanswered questions you have.

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