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Fairy Floss Machine Benchtop

Fairy Floss Machine Benchtop

RRP: $120.00$240.00


Our fairy floss machines are perfect for any party, carnival, or promotional day you may have. With the sugar and sticks provided, you will have the complete package to satisfy your guest’s sweet tooth at your next event.


If you need your order delivered a delivery charge will be added once your order has been confirmed. Currently delivery is only available in Sydney and Adelaide. Melbourne and Brisbane offer pickup only. The following file will display the delivery charge for your postcode/suburb:

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To be eligible for the pickup option you must pick up the order in a SUV, Station Wagon or Van. Snow Flow reserves the right to decline any pickup if this condition is not met.

Does the machine need a table?
Yes, you will need a table for the benchtop fairy floss machine. Any table will be fine as the machine weighs 13kg.

How long does it take to make fairy floss?
Our fairy floss machines make each serving one at a time. It needs about 2 minutes to heat up at the start and once sugar is added about 30 seconds to be ready to serve. Once you have finished the first serve, you will repeat the same process until you are done.

Does the machine need power?
Yes, all our fairy floss machines need power. A standard PowerPoint will supply all machines with enough power.

Can I put the machine outside?
Our Fairy Floss machines can go outside only if it is undercover and if the weather is not extremely hot or humid.

Do I need to clean the machine after my event?
No, cleaning is not required from you when hiring our fairy floss machines for delivery. However, if you can, removing any excess sugar and rinsing the bowl & lid with warm water will help save the driver time and reduce the chance of spillage when picking up the machine. Please do not attempt to clean the fairy floss head in the middle.
Pickup: Yes, cleaning is required from you when hiring our fairy floss machines for pickup. You will be transporting the machine inside your vehicle which is why cleaning is vital. If you do not clean the machine you may get sugar inside of your vehicle. To clean the machine, all you will need to do is remove any excess sugar and rinse the bowl & lid with warm water. Please do not attempt to clean the fairy floss head in the middle.

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