Fruchilla 99% Fruit Mix

Fruchilla 99% Fruit Juice Slushy Mix

Fruchilla lives by its slogan “Taste the best of nature” by using 99% premium fruit juice concentrate which has many positive health benefits. No added sugars, all natural colours & flavours, low GI, zero fat, zero cholesterol and extra added vitamin C are just a number of the health benefits. Going to great lengths in order to get the juice approved by many schools and associations, Fruchilla has a 4/5 health star rating, is VSCA (Victorian School Canteen Association) approved, HACCP Accredited and meets all Australian canteen standards.


Fruchilla comes in a number of different natural flavours, with new flavours introduced all the time to keep your students satisfied and coming back for more. Currently Watermelon, Strawberry, Berry Blast, Blood Orange, Orange Mango, Natural Lemon, Lemon Lime, Blueberry, Apple & Blackcurrant & Tutti Fruity (Cola).


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