(re-directed) melbourne alcoholic slushy

Alcoholic Slushy Machine for hire in Melbourne

Snow Flow sells and leases alcoholic slushy machines– perfect for entertaining guests with fun beverages that come in a range of wild colours and flavours.

Imagine this: You go to a party expecting to see the laundry sink full of ice with a few bottles of cheap wine, champagne (or should we say sparkling wine), and a bathtub full of beer. That seems to be the standard protocol for a supplied alcohol event these days. INSTEAD, you walk in and you see a crazy contraption that is whipping out colourful frozen cocktails and daiquiris and suddenly you’re transported to a bar in Hawaii, you’re wearing a sarong, you feel the sand between your toes, and man are you glad you chose to come to this fun gathering over staying at home.

The latter scenario, that’s what Snow Flow can offer you. We have alcoholic slushy machines for hire in Melbourne that are ideal for hen’s nights, cocktail parties, birthdays, work functions – heck they’re even suitable as a permanent fixture in your home, ready for whenever you feel like a cool, refreshing slushy with a bit of kick – a luxury that’s usually only available on novelty theme nights down at that restaurant in the city.

Whether you’re after a slushy machine for just the night, need to lease it for an extended period of time, or want to buy it for permanent use, Snow Flow can oblige. We even offer a try before you buy scheme.

With locations all around Australia, including Melbourne, we’re convenient and local. Contact us today!